In our increasingly modern and technological society, having an online presence is no longer just recommended for small businesses —it is required. Marketing has the potential to reach a greater audience online, and brand recognition is truly solidified through a company’s digital interface. Big businesses aren’t the only ones who benefit from a well-curated website. There are multiple distinct advantages of having a website for a small business.

1. Build Your Audience: Every business needs customers. For large businesses, sometimes new customers can be reached simply by name-brand awareness; however, small businesses do not have that luxury. To find new customers for your products and services, having a website is essential. The majority of consumers discover new brands through online searching; therefore, if your company is lacking an online presence, it severely limits the number of people finding out about the services you offer.

2. Build Your Brand: An effective company has a consistent brand. Customers come to learn what to expect from your business and can trust the product or service provided. While there are many ways to build brand awareness, a website is one of the most wide-reaching, professional ways to begin solidifying your small business’s image. The more information available about your company, the more reputable your company appears in the eyes of potential customers. Additionally, a well-designed website can signal to clients that you take yourself —and your business— seriously.

3. Business Growth: Traditionally, small businesses used to grow by word-of-mouth through a smaller community. Now, due to the fast-paced nature of the online world, a link can be shared in a matter of seconds and a product can be viewed from nearly anywhere across the globe. This can be an opportunity for small business to grow their company more quickly than before. Your website can reach new clientele in different locations or with different demographic backgrounds, which might suit your business better than the local clientele.

4. Separate Yourself from the Competition: If your small business is competing with other local businesses for the same subset of potential clients, having a professional-level website to show off your services and portfolio is one simple way to separate yourself from other businesses. Potential customers generally trust companies with a legitimate website design over a company with little to no online presence. Additionally, by presenting information clearly on your small business’s website, it is easier for customers to determine why your products and services are superior to the competition’s.