Email marketing pertains to the use of electronic mail to promote products or services and at the same time, develop a relationship with your potential customers or clients. Email is a classic way of messaging, but email marketing still ranked as the most effective marketing channel.

Email marketing provides you the opportunity to target specific groups of customers or even specific individuals. One good example would be offering customers deals on their birthdays. It allows businesses to personalize that helps develop their relationship with the customer.

If you analyze the response rate, open rate, and conversion rate, you can acquire more reliable customers and help you boost your sales

Why email marketing :

  • It’s incredibly cost-effective, sometimes free.
  • Results are trackable and measurable. You can collect detailed information about how customers respond to your advertisement.
  • Catch or attract new customers or global reach. It helps you to find a new market and trade globally


Benefits you get with email marketing :?

  • Better brand recognition
  • Boost your sales
  • Optimize your time and budget
  • Strong customer relationships
  • Builds credibility


Here are some critical email marketing types which may help to earn the customer’s attention and prospects.

  1. Email Newsletter – Email newsletters can be used to send product updates, essential account information, promotional messages, and more. It may help build better brand recognition.
  2. Behavioral email – This type of mails area based on the behavior of a user. Good examples of behavioral emails would be Free trial expiry, Password renewal, product reviews, renewal of purchases, and more. Here are some of the common and essential types of behavioral emails:
      • Welcome Email:

    This type of mail makes a good connection between your business and a new subscriber. It may help you in future communications and encourages new members to engage with your business.

      • Onboarding Email:

    We need to send emails that contain instruction and educational emails related to your business or services. This is the most effective way to familiarize your subscribers with your services or businesses.

  3. Transactional Emails – Email receipts, invoices, billing statements, order confirmations are coming under the transactional emails. Customers want these emails.


Clients engage with transactional emails such as order, shipping, and return/exchange notifications at a much higher rate than they do with promotional campaigns.




Email marketing is a smart and effective way of marketing that can help you connect to new customers and build meaningful relationships and loyalty to your existing customers. Email Marketing is flexible, quick, and also cost-effective that still makes it an efficient way of marketing in today’s world. Email Marketing is easy to manage, gives you full control, and enhances your sales. If you’re looking to amplify your business through email marketing, we can help you! Contact Amplify Media + Marketing at 888-482-1313 for a free consultation.