Large companies have teams of employees working on marketing strategy and digital content to further the brand’s presence and continuously promote the company’s products and services. For small business, this online outreach is just as important as for big business, if not more so. However, small business often lacks the financial capacity to fund large-scale digital optimization services. Despite this obstacle, there are still a wide variety of applications and SEO tools for small businesses to take advantage of to ensure their company’s continued growth and development.

Google Analytics: Goggle Analytics is an all-encompassing SEO tool that provides in-depth data on trends and engagement. Keeping track of these statistics is essential for small businesses attempting to analyze which products are most popular or marketing techniques are most effective. It can calculate a variety of different subjects, such as unique page views, user outreach, and also provide deeper information on the demographics of your audience. Google also provides other SEO tools for small businesses to use, such as Google Trends and Google Search Console. Each tool differs in function; however, a combination of all Google SEO tools can provide comprehensive information vital to growing small businesses.

MozPro: An exceedingly useful SEO tool for small businesses to use, MozPro offers a wide spectrum of services in its monthly package. While the cost is high compared to the other free or low-cost SEO tools currently available on the market, the cost might be worth it for small businesses willing to invest more funds into their SEO development. For $99/month, users can receive information on how to improve their strategies and utilize current market trends, as well as track rankings and check for mistakes on your website.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider: Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a free tool that small businesses can use in order to check links on their online platforms. As backlinks and mentions can improve a website’s SEO, and in turn, draw a larger audience. By checking your site for defective links, Screaming Frog SEO Spider can point out weak links and spots requiring improvement. Best of all, this service is free to use and pairs seamlessly with Google Analytics. Like all SEO tools, it is best to constantly analyze data in a variety of different capacities; pairing together different tools ensures that small businesses receive the most accurate information on their businesses as they can possibly get.

Optimizely: An A/B testing application that assists businesses in building better SEO optimized websites. Optimizely is a platform that compares changes in design to determine which adjustments are best for the business. A monthly plan begins at $17/month and can analyze changes as small as background color to website structure in order to assist companies. The cost of the service is manageable for small businesses yet still provides plenty of assistance, making it a smart SEO tool for small businesses to utilize.