Anybody who knows digital marketing will surely know what SEO is and how it helps in bringing customers to the website. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a set of processes that helps to optimize the website to search parameters and ensure that the site gets a lot of traffic from relevant users. One of the important aspects of SEO is blogging which helps to bring in traffic and also provide a better user experience for the customers.

So How does blogging provides a better experience to users?

Not all users who search for your websites come only for purchasing the service. They also seek answers to a lot of their queries about your service and other related things. If your blog provides answers to these queries, you’ll establish credibility and they will more likely to use your service when the need arises.

Another advantage of blogs is that they help your page to be ranked higher on the search results page. The aim of search engines is not only to rank your website higher but to ensure that the user gets the relevant information that they need. When they find information on your website that they are seeking, they will spend more time on it. When their experience is better, the search engines will rank your website higher on the search results. This will result in more people visiting your website and increased chances of growing your business.

Understanding The Intent And Including Long-Tail Keywords

One of the things that you must remember when including blogs on your website is that it should help the SEO and not have the opposite effect. Google has refined its algorithms to find out whether the blog really answers the queries of users or they are just stuffed with the keywords. This means that your blogs must not have too many keywords. It is ideal to use one or two long-tail keywords in your blog and make the blog as relevant to the intent of the user.

The advantage of using long-tail keywords to optimize your blogs is that it will directly answer the question of the user. It will focus on their needs and they are likely to read the full post. It is found that people who use “how to” keywords to search for something are more likely to read the full information that is given on your blogs. This is another way to get the right traffic to your websites which are the main intention of SEO.