Importance of Mobile App for Business

Importance of Mobile App for Business

Everything in our modern age is connected to the digital world. Communication happens promptly and rapidly, especially when it comes to using our phones. Smartphone usage has completely changed the way that businesses operate —or at least, they should have. Mobile apps are no longer just about games, they’re about convenience. Customers use mobile apps to order food, hail cabs, interact with family and friends, and purchase nearly anything and everything. There’s no denying the importance of mobile apps for businesses —but read on to discover just how useful mobile apps can truly be!

Useful Marketing Tool: Customers are connected to their smartphones nearly every second of the day, whether for business, communication, or everyday life. A mobile app is a great opportunity to increase brand awareness for your company. Push notifications sent directly to a user’s phone can be a useful tool to reinstate interest in your product. Sometimes just a small reminder of your company’s existence and the benefits that you can provide users is enough in order to prompt purchasing action.

Expand Your Brand: Having a broad, wide-reaching brand image is essential in order to increase your potential customer base. Consider a mobile app as just another form of social media that you can use to find new clients. If your mobile app is well developed and uses your brand logo to positively reinforce your company’s image, then customers will view your brand as more reliable. Over time, this reliability generally translates to increased sales.

Better Customer Service: Creating a mobile app for your business can significantly improve your customer service, which helps retain customers using your company’s services. An app ensures instant availability and can easily provide a method of communication to users. Make sure that your customers are satisfied with your customer service at all times by using a mobile app for businesses.

Gather Analytic Resources: Mobile apps for your business can be a great way to gather data and analytics about your customer base, which you can then use in order to develop more precise business strategies. Information on customer preferences and demographics can be highly relevant when making marketing campaigns, so additional information is always better to have. A more specific marketing strategy can result in higher revenue and increased sales for your company.

The importance of a mobile app for a business should not be discounted, especially in today’s technological era. Every aspect of your business has the potential to be positively impacted by a mobile app for businesses. Don’t miss out on great opportunities to expand your business and improve your brand image —instead, develop a mobile app and watch as your business grows and grows!

Amplify media + marketing Proud to be Named a Top Digital Marketing Firm in Texas by Clutch!

Amplify media + marketing Proud to be Named a Top Digital Marketing Firm in Texas by Clutch!

Here at Amplify media + marketing, we know it can be a chore for a new business to juggle high impact digital marketing while staying afloat in today’s uncertain economy. That’s where we can save the day! We’re a full-service integrated marketing agency that serves customers all around the world. We have a solutions-oriented team that use technology, data, and analytics to help our clients make crucial business decisions. With a highly scalable team, we’ve got the ability to help your team ideate, strategize, and execute masterful advertising campaigns. We take care of your digital presence so you can focus on your next big project!?

In recognition of our success and impact, we’ve been named a top digital marketing partner in Texas by Clutch, a B2B market research firm. Clutch’s team leverages a unique reviews-based methodology to compare and contrast leaders in a number of service sectors. Their findings help companies pair with the best firms to fill their latest business needs.?

Our clients played a huge part in helping us earn this distinction. First, they got on the phone with Clutch for 15 minutes in a review call to evaluate our performance. From there, we were graded on elements such as quality, attention to project timelines, and overall project management acumen. Then, that conversation was transcribed and edited lightly for length and clarity by the Clutch team. Finally, a finished case-study-like review is published on our profile. We’re happy to say we’ve earned a lovely five out of five stars so far! Take a look at our most recent review below:

Interested in learning more about how Amplify media + marketing can help your company achieve it’s goals? Drop us a line today, and we’ll walk you through our award-winning process!?

Amplify media + marketing Gains Another Positive Review on Clutch

Amplify media + marketing Gains Another Positive Review on Clutch

It may sound cliche but having a cohesive marketing plan can strongly help boost your customer retention. According to Forbes, integrated marketing is a “way to solidify your brand and demonstrate your intentionality and stability as a company.” What this means is that through strategizing and optimizing your marketing efforts, customers can easily find more reasons to connect with you.

In almost a decade, we’ve made it our mission to provide our partners with the most effective strategies and campaigns that will increase their ROI. However, one critical aspect of the way we approach things is personalization. As a medium-sized company ourselves, we understand how vital empathy is in terms of forming relationships with customers.

As such, we appreciate it whenever we receive feedback from our collaborators. These testimonials help us see things from our partners’ perspective, allowing us to grow better as a team. Just recently, one of our clients whom we’ve been working with for five years now left us a review on Clutch, adding to the total of six reviews we’ve acquired on the site.

If you’re not familiar with what Clutch does, it is a leading ratings and reviews platform that connects businesses of all sizes with the best-fit service-providers. Clutch is hugely respected in the B2B space for their team’s unwavering commitment to providing readers with reliable company lists and reviews, sorted by industry and location. Knowing that Clutch exerts an incredible amount of time and effort to evaluate what goes in on their site, we feel immensely honored to receive recognition within their platform.

In the recent review of our project, the client, a junk removal company, details how their biggest challenge was to inform and educate the general public about what they do. Because they seemed to be running out of luck in their individual efforts, they sought our help to improve their digital presence. After some discussion and strategy building, we proceeded to implement the integrated marketing plan into their digital processes. From then on, a partnership that will last for years to come was found.

If you want to know more about this project, head over to our Clutch profile to read the entire review. We’re also featured on The Manifest, Clutch’s sister site, where you can find valuable business tips and advice.

Lastly, we want to thank all our clients who have left us positive feedback. They enable us to grow and improve our methods.

Speaking of improvement, start improving your brand presence today! Call us now to learn how we can help you come up with a solid marketing strategy that will boost your engagement.

How to Use Call Tracking to Improve Your ROI

How to Use Call Tracking to Improve Your ROI

Your return on investment (ROI) is a valuable analytic that measures how effective an investment is. While modern technology has favored tracking data across social media services and internet platforms, call tracking remains a significant source of useful data for companies to use to their advantage. Call tracking can show businesses valuable information that can help improve marketing campaigns and, in turn, completely improve the ROI!?

Maximize Your Call Tracking: In order to receive the full benefits that call tracking can provide to a business, it’s best to configure your call channels to their top potential. Consistently listing your business’s contact information across a variety of platforms using SEO keywords can improve your customer base. Click-to-call features can also help increase the performance of your company by improving accessibility and communication for your customers.?

Capture and Store Data: Call tracking can help record incoming calls from customers and take note of any valuable data or interaction that occurs. Modern phone software offers a variety of additional experiences for businesses to utilize, such as voice recognition software or customizable filtration systems. These unique features can assist in controlling the flow of your calls, improve customer experience, and gather relevant information.?

Track Patterns and Analyze Data: Specific information is not the only useful data to be gleaned from using call tracking to improve your ROI. Tracking campaigns in a broader sense allows companies to learn relevant trends about their customer base and create more effective marketing. This will help in pinpointing your most effective campaigns.

Convert Calls to Leads: Call tracking is a great method to collect immediate customer information, which can then be used to increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. Both inbound and outbound calls can be studied in order to create more relevant decisions for your business. By using all of the possible information available to you and your business, better quality and customer experience occur, which generates more revenue and sales for your business.?

Use Call Tracking Smartly: Call tracking is all about gathering information to make better decisions about how to market effectively and efficiently for your company using the available resources. The valuable data from call tracking can then significantly improve the rate of return on your marketing campaign investments. Use all of the call tracking resources in order to track data and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.

Essential Strategies to Generate High-Quality Leads

Essential Strategies to Generate High-Quality Leads

It’s not enough just to have a lot of traffic coming to your platforms for your business to be successful. Instead, generating high-quality leads —rather than merely high traffic— should be the true aim of any company operating online. Convert visits to purchases by focusing on creating effective interactions. Every business should be employing these essential strategies to generate high-quality leads if they aren’t already!

Consider Your SNS Channels: The right social media channels can help ensure that your business is reaching the right type of clients online. Carefully look over the average demographics of the users of each SNS platform and think about which one (or ones) is the right fit for your company. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are all highly popular choices that allow brands to connect with both customers and potential business partners. Having an active presence among multiple platforms helps to generate more high-quality leads —just make sure that your brand image remains consistent throughout each platform.

LinkedIn: While LinkedIn is not the platform to reach mass markets of people, it is a platform that lends direct methods of contact with other professionals. Networking is the key to developing new opportunities for your company. With LinkedIn, you can easily contact people with the ability to help your business or purchase your services. Before making your pitch, be sure that your presentation is high-quality and professional.

Direct Connection: Rather than publish material intended for a broad audience that doesn’t actually end up generating effective results, focus your marketing strategies on specific people. Personal connections and business relationships are the most effective way to create authentic results for your business. Send out personalized messages rather than copy-written content —as well as free samples if you have any available— in order to make the best impression and generate a high-quality lead for your company.

Facebook: Facebook is a great platform for any business to use in order to generate high-quality leads. Facebook is a personable platform that puts across a clear brand image to potential clients. It’s best to treat Facebook as an introduction to your company or services. To make the most of Facebook, it’s recommended to run an ad campaign if your budget allows it. Make sure that your page has a clear call to action and an overall air of professionalism.

All businesses —big or small— should set the focus of their digital marketing campaigns not on high traffic, but rather on generating high-quality leads. After all, the goal of any company should be on creating sales and revenue. Help your business reach its true potential for success by using these essential strategies to generate high-quality leads!

How to Optimize Your Content Strategy for SEO

How to Optimize Your Content Strategy for SEO

In this modern age of the digital marketplace, SEO is an undeniably essential tool necessary for any businesss success. Both large companies and small businesses alike utilize SEO to reach their desired target audience and increase brand awareness. However, like any tool, SEO is only effective when you know how to use it properly. It is imperative to learn all about how to optimize your content strategy for SEO in order to significantly boost your online potential!

Define Your Content: Content strategy for SEO is based primarily upon the writing and content you are publishing on your platforms. Therefore, publishing random or general, broad reaching posts will not be effective in reaching your target market. Finding effective keywords is not the key to great digital marketing; instead, focus on the message you want your brand to deliver, the communities you want to reach, and the core purpose of your company.

Define your Target Market: Strictly defining your target market and the audience of people you are trying to reach with your message or products is an essential way to optimize your content strategy for SEO. By determining who you want to reach with your content, you can create more specific content perfectly suited to that audience. Try analyzing your current customer demographics, reviewing competitors’ social media, and creating content that speaks directly to customers using an idealized persona.

Unique Keywords To Match Content and Audience: Its not enough merely to determine what the most popular SEO keywords currently are in a broad sense; instead, examine data and analytics in order to figure out what will be effective for your niche community. Consider what services youre selling. Then, look at the broad keywords in relation to your best-selling items, service features, and frequent customer questions. Link all of those words and factors together as keywords in your content. After selecting the keywords you want to feature in your content, be sure to actively analyze the performance of all of your keywords and make changes as necessary.

Content Is Everywhere: Dont just limit keywords to the full text when creating an optimized content strategy for SEO use high performing SEO keywords in the headers and meta-description as well! This ensures that you are optimizing your content intelligently and gathering the attention of an audience interested in the content you are publishing.

Invest the time into developing your content strategy for SEO and you will see powerful and genuine results for your business. By developing an optimized digital market plan with a focused concentration on your content marketing, youll be able to truly expand your companys reach and potential.